10 Advantages & Benefits of Rock Salt

10 Advantages & Benefits of Rock Salt

Nature’s bounty has abundant incredible simple things which work wonders, and rock salt is one amongst them. But you might ask, if rock salt is good for health or not. Well, rock salt is filled with goodness for your health. Let’s proceed to know about the advantages & benefits of rock salt.

It is also known as Halite, as per the mineral terminology. Rock salt, often mistaken for black salt, is the purest unprocessed form of salt. The salt, which is also known as Sendha Namak, holds 84 of the 92 trace elements necessary for human bodies. The main requisites like potassium, calcium, iron, zinc, copper, magnesium are high in Rock salts.

The formation of the salt in itself is a miraculous science. It is a highly ranked crystalline salt made by evaporation of salty water. These salts can be found in dry lake beds, enclosed bays, and inland marginal areas. In India, it can be found in the Himalayan region, where it is known as Himalayan crystal salt.

Unlike table salt, It does not contain high levels of sodium chloride. Which is why it is majorly used during fasts across the northern India for its ability to restore the electrolytes and keeps pH balance in tact. While the table salt is iodized, Rock salt doesn’t go through chemical processes and is granular with big chunks generally colourless or purplish to pink in color depending on the water being evaporated.
Easily available at numerous drug stores, supermarts, and pharmacies, Rock salt comes in powder, liquid and a capsule form.


Here are the benefits of Rock salt


1. Boosts metabolism:

These tiny salty chunks can boost metabolism leading to the improvised functioning of your body. It also works towards better absorption of water in the body and aids digestion. Due to its absorption ability, it can easily absorb minerals and nutrients. Experts say that cell function in the human body and even communication is possible only when adequate salt is present in the body. However, it is important that the consumption is moderate as the excess of salt can produce side effects.

2. Promotes good sleep:

Are you having trouble sleeping, are you getting restless trying to sleep? Rock salt will help you with the good night sleep as it regulates melatonin levels, keeping our sleep cycle in the better state.

3. Helps in weight loss:

the best thing about this salt is that it activates insulin in the body leading to fewer cravings for sugar. Hence, promoting weight loss.

4. Treats throat problems:

Whether you have sinus, respiratory problem, tonsils, or a sore throat, Rock salt is a treatment for all. Gargling with warm water infused with a pinch or two of Rock salt helps for the long run.

5. Acts as natural air purifier:

By pulling water vapor from the air, Rock salt crystals reduce the pathogens and allergens, other airborne irritants from the air. Just adding a salt lamp to the bedside table or your work desk will do it.

6. Natural skin cleanser:

It is a great and easily available substance to get rid of clogged pores. It also pulls away from the toxins. Just mixing a tbsp of rock salt to your routine cleansing face wash can do the trick.

7. Happy and healthy hairs:

Rock salt is known to remove the dirt from hairs without letting you loose natural oils. Simply mix it with your regular shampoo and rinse with cold water.

8. Keeps BP in control:

For those suffering from hyper tensions, rock salt is the best substitute of table salt. It strikes a balance between high and low blood pressure.

9. Can give you at home spa experience:

Are the costly spas burning holes in your pocket? Experience the relaxing spa at your home by adding rock salt to your bath to relax your muscles. To get that glow to your skin you can also make a scrub out of it by mixing rock salt with lemon or honey.

10. Digestive and laxative benefits:

Rock salt helps fight digestive disorders and eliminates acidity. It also provides relief from influenza and reduces vomiting sensations.

Now that you know about rock salt and its benefits, start including it in your daily diet for a healthy life. Buy Rock Salt today and meet the healthy you. It s recommended for the entire family.

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