Veg-centric gastronomy is up-and-coming as the most important macro trend. And, mind you, this is not a short-lived one. For those who have adopted a vegan lifestyle, food prepared with plants is undoubtedly above and beyond a ‘trend’. It is, in fact, a part of an elementary attitude.
While innovative international tastes and cooking styles are diversifying the interest, Indian food is unmistakably the star at present. This has been portrayed by the craving for regional cooking styles popularized by several TV shows including foreign chefs visiting both the niche and popular restaurants in India.
Some of the vegetarian food trends to watch out for:

The rise of ready-to-cook as well as readymade products
Once ordering food from restaurants to relax after a long day’s work was in vogue. Nowadays people have become more health conscious and hence they like to eat fresh and healthy. Thus shopping for groceries from stores to prepare food at home has become a very interesting alternative. Thanks to many cookery shows, cooking is seen as a stress reliever. Husbands and other men of the house are taking to cooking with renewed interest.

Ancient grains get a facelift
Whole-grains have retained their popularity. The grains that are beneficial for health are sorghum, amaranth, buckwheat, bulgur, farro, quinoa, millet, kamut, etc. However, they have received a facelift to their image, thanks to popular chefs using them in a variety of combinations to make exotic dishes served as delicacies in famous Hotels and restaurants.

A bite off for health
Since people are becoming more health conscious, they have started adding ingredients that provide additional health benefits. Cool juices, chia seeds, amaranth, quinoa and goji berries are slowly but surely taking over as nourishment foods. Also, diets that have low calories but are high in fiber as well as rich in Omega 3 unsaturated fats and organic components will top the list of nutritionists.

The repackaging of Indian food items
One of the predicted biggest food trends in 2016 is going to be the repackaged Indian food. Even as this style has been the trend for the last couple of years, 2016 is predicted to be the year it actually surfaces to the top. The normal drift of tomato-onion gravy or even gravy made from cashew will be re-packed and dished out in a special way.

Moringa, once again
The modest munaga, murungakai, or moringa as the West recognizes it, is all set to turn out to be the salute of 2016. From natural stores in London to normal food shops in New York City, moringa leaves as well as pods are extremely popular. Sambar-cherishing Indians realize this is a staple fixing in it and veggie loving Bengalis adore their Sojne Data Dal; however what we don’t know is that its fragrant seeds and tart leaves are overflowing with vitamins. Moringa has more Vitamin C stuffed in it than an orange, more calcium than in a glass of milk, and additional vitamin A than carrots.

The rise of the organic food
The organic produce is one of the most visible trends for the past four years and it will continue to see the rise in future also. People are becoming more and more aware of the way food is produced and are ready to pay a premium for non-toxic food. Organic food is devoid of chemicals, artificial pesticides, and artificial fertilizers. Organic products are healthier, rich in nutrition, safe to consume by people of all ages including children. With more and more farmers going in for organic produce, the prices of these products are likely to fall in future due to the increase in supply. This is because many producers are moving to organic cultivation due to the ever increasing global demand for the same.

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