In this age of Instagram and Facebook, almost everything goes on the wall. There are irresistible pictures everywhere of who’s munching what snack or who tried cooking what new. People these days are not only passionate about what they wear, where and with whom they hang out, but also what they eat and drink, where and how.

Last Saturday as we went out for a regular dinner outing and ordered regular paneer and dal makhani, an enticing aroma from the table next to us captivated our senses. And suddenly the food in our plates seemed oh-so-boring.

Are you making the same mistake which we made? When was the last time you tried eating something new? Update yourself about the top food trends before it is too late.

Keep reading for some snackable bites on latest food trends,

1) Indian street food across the globe
Don’t be surprised if you find queues in front of golgappa mobile trucks in London or rush in the restaurants offering pao-bhaji in New York. There’s growing obsession with Indian street food around the world. The exciting combination of flavours and spices of Indian cuisines is gaining popularity amongst consumers around the world.

2) Going the natural way
Food enthusiasts are showing a growing inclination towards the use of natural ingredients, may it be using homemade cheese or organic products. People now are more aware and want to avoid frozen and processed food. The idea is to minimise the use of preservatives and at the same time keeping the natural flavours intact. Authenticity in ingredients and sticking to the basics in cooking are the heightened trends of today.

3) Regional food goes mainstream
It seems like regional cuisines will finally get their overdue credit. There’s a surge in the interest and keenness amongst food critique and top chefs towards local spices and cuisines. Restaurateurs are bringing traditional servings from regions like Lukhnow, Bihar and Telangana to the table. From the small family supper clubs to chef-driven restaurants, everyone is ready to explore the lost taste of ethnic food. It is not surprising that the fascination that was once there for foreign cuisines has now shifted more towards an excitement for regional food.

4) Keeping it spicy
Chefs are going generous with flavours of chillies and spices. Infusion and blending of flavours with sauces and spices is particularly a widespread practice. Spice infused desserts and beverages are one of the top food trends. Particularly Sriracha from Thailand is a popular choice amongst sauces.

5) Eating mindfully
Dietitians and food gurus emphasise to be aware of what you eat. The informed generation is paying lots of attention to what makes their daily intake. With more and more awareness, weight management business models from yesterday are fighting for space, and custom made start-ups that cater to the knowledge-driven consumer, are finding new niches. Ideally, anything consumed in moderate amount is the key to a healthy diet.

6) How about a turmeric latte?
This healthy alternative to coffee has created its cult following around the world. While the age-old health remedy by Indian grandmothers, commonly known as “Haldi-doodh” involved adding turmeric powder to hot milk, its modern counterpart famous as “golden milk” as seen on the menus of cafes from the UK, is all about steamed almond milk with freshly squeezed turmeric juice and honey. On the spice front turmeric is certainly the star of the moment. From juices and teas to salads and curries, everything has a flavour of this rich ochre coloured spice.

7) Say yes to the bowl of health
Forget about plates, eating meals out of a bowl is the in-thing. Call them super bowls or energy bowls, the diet-conscious generation of today would pick them over a plate of salad. Gobble down a simple power-packed bowl for a meal, and you are good.
A mixture of grains, lean protein, healthy vegetables and sumptuous looking dressings gives an interesting flavour and texture to your meal. A serving of health, convenience and style, all in a single bowl!

8) Vegan again
With more and more chefs emphasising vegan cooking, this trend is carried forward yet another year. The recipes with pulses, lentils and beans are on the rise. Almost all good restaurants offer healthy vegan options which are equally tasty. Vegetables continue to be an enduring trend. Most of the top food trends indicate that the vegan craze is here to stay.
Spicy Indian street food to flavoursome regional cuisines, use of natural ingredients to spicy sriracha for cooking, benefits of power bowls to healthy turmeric beverages, the food scene this year has so far seen a lot of twists.

Other trends that are catching up are ice creams made with vegetables, coffee served in cones, healthification of fast foods, anti-happy hour drinking, cooking out of peels and discards. Not only all this, if you invite, now the top chefs will not hesitate to come and cook at your home. Concepts like pop-up food stalls and vegetables in spiral strings from last year are still a mainstay.

Up your food quotient by incorporating these top food trends to how you cook, serve or eat. And let us know which is your favourite trend.

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