From many simple things that are always a part of Indian kitchens, Besan is one of the things that is usually underutilized as many are not aware of its benefits other than the grand ma’s old trick for bright skin.
Besan, which is also known as gram flour, is widely used in cooking.Besides the use of Besan for lip smacking pakoras, it has vast number of benefits which are overlooked by many. The flour, made out of Grams , is rich in fiber and nutrients. Reputed chefs are switching from Wheat Flour to Besan due to its versatile nature and its ability to blend with anything due to its nutty taste. If one is looking for a substitute of high carb wheat, gluten free flour, or even if you are weight conscious, Besan flour is the product which can stand all the qualities. One cup of chickpeas helps the body with 20% of the daily protein needs. While everyone knows the wonders besan can do to your skin right from brightening to firming as it is a traditional beauty secret, let us unravel the healthy benefits of gram flour:

1.  Battle with skin allergies:
If you are allergic to gluten, then Besan is highly nutritious substitute. Besides, Besan helps to fight allergic reactions due to its non gluten nature.

2. Keep away from breast cancer:
With the presence phytochemical called Saponins in the flour, which can work towards cell reinforcements, Besan brings down the risk of bosom tumour. Battling against osteoporosis, and lowering hot flushes during post-menopausal phase among women, it helps in prevention of breast cancer.

3. Fight frailty:
As the gram flour is rich in iron, it is a perfect substance to fight iron related pallor or inadequacies of iron in the body. In addition to that, Besan contains folate, a substance whose lack brings weakness. So supplanting your regular flour with Besan will help you fight body weaknesses.

4. No Anaemia related worries:
Low iron in body leads to Anaemia. However, Besan can help to keep your iron levels in tact as it is rich in iron. It further helps in fighting fatigue and keeping weight under control.

5. Happy and healthy heart:
With high soluble fiber content in Besan, it helps heart to remain strong and healthy. Experts say that doctors and surgeons have been recommending the use of gram flour over any other flour for a healthy heart.

6. Fitness freaks swear by it:
Owing to its low glycemic content, and less calorie count when compared to other flours, Besan is highly suitable for the fitness purpose. As it is high in dietary fibers, it keeps you full for a longer time. Swap your regular flour with besan and see the difference.

7. Happy and healthy heart:
Trans fats can expand your cholesterol and can bring adverse effects to your cardiovascular system. However, With absence of trans fats and presence of sound fats, Besan works as a regulator of circulatory stress and helps to lower the cholesterol levels.

8. Happy and healthy heart:
The low glycemic index makes Besan an ideal substance for diabetics. Replacing rice or even wheat can be good for diabetics.

9. Happy and healthy heart:
People suspected or suffering with celiac disease should switch to Besan as they cannot digest gluten containing foods. The presence of gluten in such patients triggers their immune system and damages small intestine villi. As a result, absorption of nutrients becomes low and patients become malnourished. This can lead to unwanted weight loss, fatigue and anaemia. In such cases a gluten free diet and opting for Besan is a healthy choice. Besan also is a good substance for those identified with dermatitis herpetiformis, ADHD, multiple sclerosis, autoimmune disorders, autism spectrum disorders and a few more behavioral problems.

10. Happy and healthy heart:
There are times when you are “not in the mood,” and anxiety takes over or even if you are not filling full with what you eat, all you need to do it include gram flour to your diet. The high presence of Vitamin B6 aides in synthesis of serotonin, a neurotransmitter. Serotonin helps with mood swings and keeps you full for a longer time. Besides the beauty routines you follow traditionally, add besan to your diet and see the difference.

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