We are an organic food producing company based in Hyderabad that believes in the concept of natural food, or simply - as nature intended. We produce 100% organic food from our extensive organic farms, besides being aided by organic farming communities across India. As farmers ourselves, we have a hands-on approach towards organic farming, and have been actively promoting it over the years for the sake of a safer environment and a healthier you. Terra Greens Organic is the result of persistent campaigning and encouraging farmers disillusioned by conventional farming methods to switch to a more sustainable, indigenous and an eco-friendly form of farming.


Terra Greens Organic understands that the best way to make organic food accessible to all is to increase the organic farmer base. Currently employing over 4000 farmers engaged in organic farming, we expect it to increase manifold given the demand.

We believe that farmers need good incentives to choose organic farming over conventional farming. To bridge this, Terra Greens Organic is always looking at developing technologies that can help in increased production of quality organic food.

To further its efforts, the company has started the Terra Greens Organic Farming Group. A social awareness group which is involved in spreading awareness about the benefits of organic farming across the country. Through this initiative, the group trains farmers in the methods of organic farming and encourages them to take up ecologically balanced and sustainable farming practices.

The awareness programs are not just limited to farmers, but also intended for consumers as they are equally integral to this movement. These programs help consumers make an informed choice about eating right and healthy, and in turn motivate farmers to take up organic farming.

From schools and community events to organic bazaars, Terra Greens Organic has been actively crusading the organic movement in a bid to create awareness among consumers. The message being - Choosing organic is not just about eating healthy and natural, but also about caring for the environment.

Finally, by going organic, consumers motivate the farmers to give up fertililzers and pesticides that harm the environment to produce natural and chemical-free food that is healthy and nutritious.

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February 15, 2017

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