Unity in diversity, this clearly defines India. With more than 415 languages, diverse religions and geographical differences, India is rich in its culture and heritage. The cultural fiestas, thus, are equally extravagant and colourful. Of late, yet another trend is on the rise, that of conducting utterly flavourful, larger-than-life food festivals.

As such, every well-known restaurant in the country is cashing in on the trend and hosting one or the other food festival to give its guests a taste of

authentic delicacies from different parts of the nation. However, there are some that stand out from the rest.
The next time you want to visit a food festival and can’t decide which one, the below guide to 5 of the most amazing food festivals, in India, can be of great help.

National Street Food Festival, Delhi
How happy you would be if you could get the most delicious Kachoris of Jaipur, the delightful Puchkas from Kolkata and some lip-smacking Pav Bhaji from Mumbai, that too at the same time and place. Yes, you heard it right; the National Street Food Festival, conducted by NASVI in Delhi, will entice you with Indian street favourites that will make your taste buds span the length and breadth of Indian local food. In this festival, you will be able to explore the rich and diverse roots of genuine Indianism. You can also get to know some interesting cooking tips from the experts.

Make in India Festival
This festival is India’s favourite gastronomic do. This food fiesta exhibits various Indian cuisines with conventional recipes reverberating regional cultures. The food market in this food festival also has items from local entrepreneurs and NGOs. This festival is an authentic foodie heaven that one can get pleasure from while listening to music and enjoying diverse Indian flavours.

Asian Hawkers Market
The joy of being taken on a marvellous culinary trip from China & Japan to Bali & Vietnam, that too without stepping out of India, is unmatched. Alas, India’s foremost food festival mainly focusing on Asian cuisine makes its first appearance in the Capital. Be prepared to engage at New Delhi’s 17 different eateries including the 5-star ones. Also, trendy food-conveyer services resembling Asian Haus as well as The Pho Kart distribute delicious delicacies.

Sattvik : Traditional Food Festival
Sattvik was started twelve years back to endorse preservation of agro-biodiversity and create demand for wholesome crops that are rarely cultivated these days. The absurdity of growth is such that wholesome food is still eaten in the most developing regions. This festival tries to bring the lesser known, but supplement rich sustenance from these ranges to the urban masses. The celebration likewise plans to urge farmers to grow such products and increase their income.

Organic Food Fest, Chennai
Who says natural food is dull? Varagu/saamai cutlet, sola maavu dosai and thinai halwa were a portion of the dishes that enticed the taste buds of guests at the organic food festival at the Organic Food Fest, Chennai. The goal was to draw out the advantages of natural sustenance and pass it on to the society at large.
We’re sure you’ll love to make your taste buds travel in these food fiestas that blend diverse cultures on beautifully served platters. Don’t forget to try some, this year.

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